Friday, March 23, 2012

Group Reflection!

We enjoyed working with our group it was pretty fun walking around Clarke Quay and gathering information we need, to do the given task, we are very happy and that all of co-operated with each other to get this work done. We have also learned more about the singapore river which is one of singapore's most famous historical landmarks. Some of the challenges we faced are that, it was quite difficult to find our way, at first we went in the opposite direction that we are supposed to go, so we were lost for a little while, besides that, it was quite a long distance to walk, to gather data. There were some miscommunications while doing this project together. Fortunately, we are still able to do the project and this helped us understand that we can never fully avoid misunderstandings. There are many areas we can improve at and one of them is that we can be more aware of our task. While visiting Clarke Quay, we were not sure about the full details about what to do hence we carried out the task using more time. We believe that if we were more focused and knew what to do, gathering information for the blog would be easier and a faster process.

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