Friday, March 23, 2012

Inferences made about the Singapore River

While walking down the Singapore River, we noticed a few things about the river and made inferences of the past and present of the Singapore River.

1. The river now is very clean. We can hardly see any litters around although the water is still a little murky. From this we can infer that the government takes care of the Singapore River and most properly send workers to Singapore RIver to clean the river. There is also a foul stench at some parts of the river. Hence, we infer that the water in SIngapore River in the past and now are both polluted although the conditions of the water now is better.

2. There are a lot of shop houses near by the river. The shophouses are now transformed into clubhouses, restaurants and some shops. This causes Clarke Quay to be a very lively place. From this, we can infer that Clarke Quay was a very busy place in the past. WIth all the shop houses around, a lot of trading and business could have happened in Clarke Quay in the past


This two pictures show the shop houses and buildings commercial buildings near Clarke Quay. Also, it shows the relatively clean water of Singapore River.

3. The present day along the singapore river there were many office buildings and restaurants nearby and also it was like a tourist attraction as well, from which I infer that that in the early days Singapore river was the trading port and there were a lot of imports and exports done there. The founder of Singapore, designated the Singapore river as a trading port because it was easy to receive goods through ships by the river. So the Singapore river is turned into tourist attraction for the preset day and it also explains why there are lot of offices alongside the Singapore river.

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